Icelandic+ Leading the pack on purity.

Dogs are carnivores just like their ancestors, wolves. In their natural environment, they primarily eat raw meat. But it’s not just meat, they also chew and ingest raw bones and marrow for an optimal diet. Icelandic+ makes all-natural dog treats – using ethically sourced, pure Icelandic ingredients – that deliver the nutritional composition of a dog’s natural prey for optimal well being and longevity. And for optimum pet health, we never add any preservatives or additives.

Everyone wants the very best for their pets. Icelandic+ products are a delicious and nutritious dog treat that pets love the most.

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Horn Benefit Icons

A safe and healthy dog treat.

Like deer and elk antlers, lamb horns for dogs have a serious fun factor – dogs love chewing them! Plus, they’re a good source of protein, iron, zinc, and other nutrients. But unlike antlers (and Buffalo horns), lamb horns are fully digestible and ideal for safe chewing. They’re also an optimal dental chew because they are easier on the teeth, while helping to keep them clean and healthy.

Great for people, great for pets.

We source our lamb horns from mostly small and family-owned farms that raise Icelandic lambs for human consumption. These farmers are required to follow the strict agricultural and inspection laws of Iceland, the U.S., and EU to ensure the meat’s quality and safety is of the highest standard.

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Fed by nature.

Icelandic lambs enjoy a free-range life, roaming pastures, feeding on wild grass and moss and drinking Iceland’s mineral-rich water that is renowned for being the cleanest water in the world.

A sustainable choice.

Using every part of an animal is just better for the environment. Icelandic+ lamb horns are a lamb bi-product; what was formerly discarded (or scored by very happy farm dogs who have savored them, since the age of the Vikings), is now an delicious, eco-friendly dog treat.

Lamb horns and nothing but.

What else do we add to our lamb horns for dogs? Nothing. No preservatives, flavors, or additives. Why mess with nature’s perfection?