September 14, 2020


FORT WASHINGTON, PA, September 14th, 2020 — All-natural pet treat manufacturer Icelandic+ is proud to announce that their newly launched air-dried Icelandic+ Herring Whole Fish treats contain 4.903 grams of taurine per kilogram of dry weight, according to the Department of Molecular Biosciences at the School of Veterinary Medicine, University of California Davis.

Icelandic+ CEO Jon Roska, Jr. shared why the company’s Herring Whole Fish dog and cat treats are loaded with this healthy amino acid. “We process every fish naturally and air-dry them to lock in the taurine Omega-3 and other nutrients dogs and cats need,” said Roska. “Herring is not only good for your pet, it’s a sustainably caught fish found in the waters of the North Atlantic.”

Taurine, an essential amino acid for dogs and cats, aids in the health of cardiac, eye, and immune system function, as well as the health of many other systems. It is recommended that dogs ingest up to 1000 mg of taurine per day for every 40 pounds of body weight. The recommended the minimum daily taurine requirement for cats is between 35 and 56 mg for an adult cat or about 10 mg/kg bodyweight/day is sufficient to maintain adult cats in adequate taurine status.

“Dog and cat owners have shared images on social media of using Icelandic+ dried fish as a natural topper to provide taurine, while continuing to use their preferred dog and cat food brand,” Roska said. This gives peace of mind to the owner, without having to transition dogs to new diets. Whether you are worried about your pet developing Dilated Cardiomyopathy due to a grain free diet for dogs, a previously unknown diet for a newly adopted cat, or have a dog that might be genetically prone to DCM or Mitral Valve Disease - taurine has been shown to support healthy heart function. Icelandic+ Herring Whole Fish are a great way to increase taurine in your pet’s diet in a healthy and delicious way.

Icelandic+ Herring Whole Fish can be found at as well as your favorite pet specialty retailer.

About Icelandic+

Icelandic+ cares about pets — ours and yours. We produce healthy dog and cat treats that meet their specific digestive, physiological, metabolic, and nutritional requirements. Everything that goes into our treats is ethically sourced from Iceland and the North Atlantic Ocean, with zero additives, fillers, supplements, or preservatives. Our manufacturing standards and regulations mean your dog will have the freshest, purest treats, made with traceable ingredients. Dogs love the taste. You will love the enjoyment and nutritional benefits your pet experiences.

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